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SQL Server DBA Support

SQL Server DBA Support


  • Proactive Problem management
  • Predictive capacity analysis
  • Intuitive event and incident correlation

Apart from this our service catalogue comprise of regular DBA activities like Monitoring, Backups, Space Management, Resource Utilization, License Rationalization, patch management Database Vulnerability Assessment, Object Migration and other activities. Other activities include:

  • Manage hierarchical security (access control, permissions, encryption keys and certificates) for databases and ensure data integrity using templates and schemas
  • Testing of new releases and features for application, O/S and Database upgrade & Troubleshoot application performance & Optimize query& index performance.
  • Designed & Tested a Scale-Out Architecture using Replication, DTC / 2PC, Distributed Database  with Data & Middle Tier, Web & Client Tier  for SQL Server Databases to facilitate a High-Availability environment by creating Read-Only copies for Reporting Services & Read-Write Hot copies of critical Databases, for Hot Instant Disaster Recovery.
  • Enhanced performance, scalability and usability across multiple cores & support that efficiently scale computer, networking and storage in both physical and virtual environments.
  • Establishes and maintains policies, standard operating procedures, and associated documentation for user interaction with the database environment.
  • Support on-premises to Microsoft Azure IaaS , PaaS & amazon RDS, Hybrid Scenarios with SSIS, Stretch Database, PowerBI with on-premises data.

Revenue and Risk Reward Program:


  • SLAs based on Risk Reward –Example. Availability of 99.95%
  • 10% cost reduction year over year during contractual period
  • Technology Consumption Management to ensure customer uses licenses/servers to the minimal and reduce OPEX costs.
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