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Unable to drop the index

Issue: There is a table with an index on several columns. The table is Schema bound and makes up part of an indexed view. User getting the below error

Drop failed for Index ‘UNIQUE_RECORD’.

Workaround: ALTER INDEX is the best option for this case. Modifies an existing table or view index (relational or XML) by disabling, rebuilding, or reorganizing the index; or by setting options on the index. We can disable it .DISABLE Marks the index as disabled and unavailable for use by the SQL Server 2005 Database Engine. Any index can be disabled. The index definition of a disabled index remains in the system catalog with no underlying index data. Disabling a clustered index prevents user access to the underlying table data. To enable an index, use ALTER INDEX REBUILD or CREATE INDEX WITH DROP_EXISTING. For more information, see Disabling Indexes.

Reference link:http://technet.microsoft.com/en-us/library/ms188388.aspx

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