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The easiest way to recover of your replication

Issue: User has database replication from one server to another over a rather thin link. They are out of sync so he would prefer to re-snapshot. Unfortunately the link is thin and performing a snapshot would incur huge transfer delays. He would not like to perform a snapshot but create a backup that can be hand carried. He would like to do ASAP on exiting replication model


Once you have replication configured, you should be able to re-create it easily in case of a disaster or if you want to deploy it to a client’s location. In Enterprise Manager, the easiest way to generate a SQL Script for replication is to right-click on the publication in the Replication group and selects Generate SQL Script. You are asked if you’d like to create a script for the removal of replication or the creation of replication. The script does the following:
• Set up the database for replication
• Create the publication
• Assign the appropriate permissions to the publication
• Add articles to the publication
• Create the subscription

If a disaster occurs on your publisher or subscriber servers, the easiest way to recover is to use the following steps:

1. Unsubscribe from the publisher.
2. Restore the most recent backup or backups.
3. Subscribe to the publisher.
4. Resynchronize the system.

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