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How are Citagus Oracle and SQL Server DBA services different from others in the Marketplace?

Citagus Software (www.citagus.com) provides world-class SQL Server consultants. All Citagus consultants exceed the highest qualifications in the industry to ensure that our clients receive world-class SQL Server support and SQL Server consulting services. With our Remote DBA services, you buy only those Remote DBA hours that you require, and only up to the level you require the service. You are guaranteed to have a certified SQL server Remote DBA constantly watching your databases.

How Citagus SQL Server Remote DBA services different from others in the Marketplace?

  • Help out to reduce Downtime and Helps Its Customers to Improve Service.
  • Supports Expansion by Boosting Speed, Control, and Savings with Microsoft SQL server
  • Reduces risk by speeding automatic failover by 100 percent
  • Accelerated data access and increased security
  • Reduces performance bottlenecks to handle higher sales volumes
  • Improves availability of a mission critical reservation system
  • Supports rapid business growth
  • SQL Server Reporting Services, Power View and AlwaysOn
  • Increased speed of ad-hoc analysis and productivity.
  • Simpler solution enables 99.999 availability
  • Rapidly provisions new virtual machines with IT control
  • Helps Customers Make Better Decisions with Higher Quality Data by Data quality services and master data services
  • With the Power View tool in SQL Server 2012 Reporting Services, our analysts have flexible, powerful data visualization tools that help them make better and faster business decisions
  • Create business solutions fast, on your terms across server and private or public cloud
  • With SQL Server running in the private cloud, we  only need a few minutes to deploy a new instance
  • Dedicated expert remote DBA teams for every client (with onsite DBAs if required)
  • Reduces workload for IT staff and information workers
  • Service delivery approach driven by ITIL/ITSM frameworks, customized to unique client environments
  • 24/7*365 round the clock high availability of Expert Senior DBA teams (most certified at the highest levels)
  • We offer innovative services, and ensure customer satisfaction. With any SQL Server version  that’s what we can do: deliver better solutions up to 50 percent faster, for less money

At Citagus, our primary objective is what we affectionately call “Clients for Life” – by this we mean that because we have served our clients so well, they keep coming back to us for their next need, or they may even stay with us in a Support mode.  Secondly, we like to tell new prospects that we are “big enough to offer quality and small enough to care”.  Our well known clients have all been with us for 4-6 years continuously and we provide a variety of our services to them.  While we work hard, we also have some fun along the way and strive to achieve balance between our personal lives and the way we work.

We look forward to hearing from you so that we may better understand your business needs in this regard.


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