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To troubleshooting complex problems what kind of Behaviors and attitudes require for DBA teach Manager

I would like to share a thought. I am very frequently received the question from my peer , other team mate how you can manage so long hours shift time  whereas as per DBA manger profile to own all the DBA operations (SQL Server, Analysis service and Reporting  service), provide technical guidance, client interactions, team building and people management and ensuring strong handshake between onsite – offshore teams. We are worked as single person in shift and 250 server in your shoulder. I am not only the person as per current trend cause it is a  support industry current trend   and everywhere Tech manager need to take the responsibility. The Technical manager has to take the other  responsibility like – Connecting & communicating with key stakeholders, Identifying & dealing with risks  and  sticking to scheduled budget & time.


The following behaviors  and attitudes are characteristic of the most effective  professionals when troubleshooting complex problems:Sorce(SQL server 2012 Internal Book)

➤      Remain calm — Stay objective, no matter  how urgent the problem.  Project confidence and calmness to your peers, end users, and management, even if they show signs of stress or panic. This reassures them that you are in control  and able to resolve the problem.  These people are more likely to give you the time and space necessary to investigate and resolve the issue if they trust your capability.

➤      Remember that problems are never random — Problems with computers happen  for a reason. When you don’t understand the reason,  the cause may seem random, but there is always an explanation. Intermittent or infrequent problems  in particular appear  random; seek to identify patterns or correlating events that could lead to the circumstances that cause the problem.

➤     Avoid intolerance — Never assume that you know how to solve a problem  until you have a problem  description and have done some basic testing. It is not necessary to provide an instant  answer; the correct answer with a short delay trumps  a quick, inaccurate answer. This habit also builds your credibility with management as a reliable and capable engineer.

➤      Avoid looking for fixes — Ensure that finding the cause is your first priority!  The people around you will be pressing hard for a fix or an estimated  time to fix. The fix is the goal, but you must first lay the foundation by understanding the cause.

➤      Think ahead — Proactively consider potential blockers.  If you may need to restore the data- base, start the tape retrieval process in parallel with troubleshooting. This reduces overall downtime and impact if you do need to revert to the backup.

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