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Monitor free space from mount points by power shell script.

  1. Install windows power shell 1.0 or 2.0 on the centralized server.
  2. By default the Set-ExecutionPolicy option is disabled
  3. Need to change as Set-ExecutionPolicy unrestricted
  • Run -> cmd-> type powershell -> Set-ExecutionPolicy unrestricted

ShellScript1 :

function main () {



function GetServersFromFile () {

if ($verbose) {$VerbosePreference = “Continue”}

if ($debug) {$DebugPreference = “Continue”}

foreach ($svr in get-content “C:\1.txt”)


write-host $svr

GetDrivesInfoInsertScript $svr



#Function to get Drives Info Insert Script

function GetDrivesInfoInsertScript ($Server_Name) {

write-host “Processing Server $Server_Name ”

trap [Exception]


$Err= $((get-date).toString() + “TRAPPED: ” + $_.Exception.Message + “– > $Server_Name “)

write-error $Err



$Drives =Get-WmiObject win32_volume -ComputerName $Server_Name | where-object {$_.filesystem -match “ntfs”} | select name,Label,Capacity,FreeSpace

foreach ($drive in $Drives) {

$name = $drive.name

$Label = $drive.Label

$FreeMB = ($drive.FreeSpace)/1MB

$TotalSpaceMB = ($drive.Capacity)/1MB

$UsedSpaceMB = ($TotalSpaceMB – $FreeMB)

$PctFreeSpace = ( 100 * $FreeMB ) / $TotalSpaceMB

$PollDate =get-date

#write-host $Server_ID’,’$PollDate’,’$name’,’$Label’,’$TotalSpaceMB’,’$UsedSpaceMB’,’$FreeMB’, ‘$PctFreeSpace’

write-host $Server_ID $PollDate $name $Label $TotalSpaceMB $UsedSpaceMB $FreeMB $PctFreeSpace




In the above script there is a path mentioned “C:\test\1.txt”) go to path(any path) then edit the text file and put the full server names on separate line save and exit.






How to execute shell script.

Set the path

Run -> cmd -> type powershell -> run the below command

$env:path = $env:path + “;c:\foldername”

Run the below command

. c:\scripts\shellscript1.ps1

The output will be in the same window where you are running the script.

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