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Performance Dashboard for Microsoft SQL Server


Performance Dashboard was designed as a set of custom reports to be hosted within SQL Server Management Studio. The reports were written to deliver information from a consistent and familiar tool already used by database administrators.  According to the documentation, there were several key design goals for this effort:

  • Zero system impact when the dashboard is not being used.  The dashboard uses no background agents or jobs, and the only time there is any system impact is when a user actually runs a report (at which time Management Studio runs the queries specified in the report definition as required to render the report);
  • Read-only access to the server.  The dashboard reports never perform any system modifications;
  • No requirement to install any binaries (extended stored procedures, CLR assemblies) on the server;
  • No requirement to create any special database/tables to store trending or historical information.  The reports do require a one-time installation of some procedures and functions in the msdb database, with which we got hands-on practice in the installation we undertook in Performance Dashboard for Microsoft SQL Server, Part I;
  • The efficient display of information necessary to identify the most frequently observed performance problems;
  • Assisting administrators and other consumers in increasing their familiarity with the wealth of information available in the SQL Server 2005 dynamic management views (“DMVs”).
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